Saturday, February 14, 2009

Toy Fair '09 Day One

It's the most wonderful time of the year, the U.S. Toy Fair in New York. The most surprising news so far, there will be toys based on Dragonball Evolution. I just know I'll end up buying them. There's no pics yet so here's hoping they're so awful that I'm able to resist them. So far it's mostly Hasbro's stuff that's been revealed. These pics come from YoJoe!, CoolToyReview, and Rebelscum.

I was never a big fan of Storm Shadow's look in the live action movie but it seems to translate well into toy form. The fact that he's dressed in white and all the other movie characters are dressed in black and camoflague helps him stand out. Plus being a ninja never hurts.

Now that I've gotten a much better look at the Pit I'm sorry to say I have to stand by my earlier assesement of it. When it's opened up it's just a jumble of random play areas. I'm sure a kid would still be able to get a lot of play value out of it. Is this boat/tank thing going to be in the movie? I'm not even sure what it is so I'm having a hard time trying to imagine this thing existing in the real world.

Behold the Devastator(s)! One of these is a simple Power Bot designed for younger children. The other is a two foot tall Supreme class toy that will cost one hundred dollars. Guess which is which.

Here's the big guy from the end of the teaser trailer. His name is Demolisher and he turns into a steam shovel and Devastator's torso. Like pretty much all Transformers' toys, it's not to scale.

This is Human Alliance Bumblebee and so far it's my favorite Revenge of the Fallen toy. It looks to be very on model to the CG robot with a lot of detail. Plus the Sam figure can sit inside in car mode and ride on his back in robot mode.

This Deadpool figure is part of a deluxe line of Wolverine figures. My fingers are crossed that it turns out to be six inch scale because than it will be as good as mine.

Is this the Punisher wearing Iron Man armor specifically designed for him or is this Tony Stark wearing Iron Man armor designed specifically to take down the Punisher?

This is a comparison pic of the animated style Iron Man from the upcoming cartoon standing next to the Marvel Universe Iron Man.

Amazingly Hasbro has another large ticket Star Wars vehicle coming out. I like the Clone Turbo Tank more than last year's AT-TE and Millenium Falcon but it's still way out of my price range.

I'm not even sure of the name of this vehicle but as a huge fan of the Battlefront games I'm real glad to see it in toy form.

Finally here's The Clone Wars animated style Jabba the Hutt. Jabba never looked so cool.

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