Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Toy Fair '09 Wrap-Up

So another Toy Fair draws to a close and now I start counting down until the next one. Pictures are from and Action Figure Insider.

These deluxe Dragonball Evolution figures have a ripcord that when pulled activates the figure's rapid JoJo's Bizarre Adventure style punching and kicking. That's one of those ideas that sounds cool on paper but is almost never executed in a way that works.

This here is Kryb. He's a Yellow Lantern who collects orphaned babies and stores them in a cage on his back. No seriously.

We already have them as older folks and now we'll soon have young versions of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen. Can charred corpse versions be that far away?

Here's a look at Clone Turbo Tank outside of its box and with all the panels opened up. The front piece detaches to become a stand-alone sentry station.

The large $100 Devastator toy will be able to transform into separate construction vehicles but those vehicles will not have their own unique robot forms. Instead the individual robots will be made available as separate individually packaged toys that cannot be used to combine into Devastator. The fact that there will not be a single Devastator toy large and complex enough to transform in the exact same way as will be depicted in the movie has caused great turmoil amongst Transformers fandom which is something that I, as a rational person, have difficulty comprehending.

Never thought I'd see a potato covered in a hideous jumble of car parts. Why didn't they base it on the classic version of Bumblebee, like they did with Optimash Prime?

Remember what I said about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine figures before? Turns out there will be figures based on the movie but only a few. You can get a Liev Schreiber Sabertooth in a black trenchcoat and a Hugh Jackman Wolverine in military garb. Wal-Mart will have exclusive soft goods versions of both. So in total there will be four figures based on the movie and everything else is comic based. Perhaps more movie figures will be announced later in the year.

Cute little Dethlok. The breadth of this toyline is ridiculous, in a good way. The Superhero Squad is even receiving an animated series which just got picked up by Cartoon Network. Also Spectacular Spider-Man will be on Disney XD and Wolverine and the X-Men and Iron Man: Armored Adventures will air on Nicktoons. When it comes to children's television networks I guess Marvel likes to play the field.

One of my favorite items from the entire convention is the Spider-Man Mighty Mugg with a removable mask. The San Diego Comic Con exclusive for this year was announced to be a Wolverine Mugg with retractable claws. Clearly there have been some great strides in the advancement of Mighty Mugg technology.

I mentioned before that Mezco making Goosebumps toys was a match better than I could have imagined. You know what would be an even better match? Mezco making Universal Monsters toys. They have the license for The Wolf Man reamke so it seems plausible. Raising my hopes a little higher are these roto figures of Frankenstein and Dracula produced by Mezco. However they don't seem to be based on the Universal versions of the characters, although they are somewhat close.

A Domo For All Seasons. :D