Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Play For Salvation

Playmates' Terminator Salvation toy line was oddly absent from news coverage of this year's Toy Fair. It's likely the line was on display at the convention, but the press weren't allowed to photograph any of it. Now it's a couple of weeks later Action-Figure.com has stepped up with an article on the toys. Besides pictures of the upcoming toys they provide a lot of peculiar details about the line. For one thing apparently the Endoskeleton prop given to the sculptors to use as reference had a faulty jaw. This resulted in all the Endoskeleton toys having a gaping mouth look. Playmates hopes to fix these before they ship to stores.

Playmates also had some issues in acquiring the likeness rights to Moon Bloodgood in time. As a result the early shipments of her figure will have a flight helmet covering her face. And Playmates still doesn't have permission to use Christian Bale's likeness. So the John Connor action figures will have their faces hidden by helmets and goggles. Apparently Bale hasn't been satisfied with past attempts to capture his likeness so he's been holding out. That's not f**king professional.


Jon said...

does the terminator have a usb in its butt too?

Gabriel said...

Ha, I see what you did there.