Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Few Anime To Be Seen In a New Light

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance now has a set release date of June 27th. That's in Japan of course. Those of us on this side of the Pacific will have to make due with the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie having various limited showings across the country. You can see the trailer for the second movie by clicking on this link, but e warned it should open automatically likely in whatever your default video player is. I'm reaching a point where I'm actually eagerly anticipating new covers of "Fly Me to the Moon".

It seems to be a growing trend that a lot of my favorite anime series of the last couple of years are getting reimagined and updated in different ways.

Like the Rebuild of Evangelion series the Eureka Seven movie is a true remake using the same characters but with a reworked plot. It's also worth noting that like Eva and unlike some other anime remakes the Eureka Seven movie seems to maintain a visual consistency with the TV series except of course with a bigger budget. Eureka Seven: Pocketfull of Rainbows will open April 25th in Japan.

Renton and Nirvash are going to have to do battle with Simon and the Gurren at the Japnese box office because on that same day the second Gurren Lagann movie opens. The first Gurren Lagann movie was released last September and was a compilation of the first fifteen episodes of the series. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Ragan-hen will be a compilation of the rest of the series.

When the final episode of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 aired just over a week ago it ended with a title card announcing an upcoming theatrical version coming in 2010. There's no further details yet but given the franchise's past I wouldn't be surprised if it's a compilation film made up mostly of footage from the television series. Incidentally I recently finished watching the series' first season and I think it's pretty great.

Not all of these anime reimaginings are headed for the big screen. The first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood premiered on Japanese TV this past Sunday. The series is re-adaptation of the original manga. What's more it's already been licensed for North American release by Funimation. They'll have professionally subtitled episodes available for free viewing on their website as well as other video sharing sites starting this Thursday. The anime industry sure is taking some large strides to changing the way they operate.

The barrage of anime updates go beyond the world of two dimensions however. Mandaly Pictures has picked up the rights to produce a live action Full Metal Panic! movie possibly with Zac Efron to star. (No! Zac Efron is clearly meant to Light Yagami dammnit!) Warner Bros. has picked up the rights for a Ninja Scroll movie with Leonardo DiCaprio producing. He's also still producing the live action Akira assuming either of them ever come out. Oh and let's not forget that there's a little film that's also these same lines opening in theatres this Friday.

Lastly to tie it all back to Eva and demonstrating again why Japan is just better at this, as part of an April Fools joke Yahoo asked people to vote for who they'd like to see in a live action Evangelion drama series. Apparently TV Asahi has decided to go through with it but as a promotional clip instead of a full TV series. Think of it as an officially sanctioned fan film. I don't know who most of these actors are but they all physically look like they would suit the character they would be playing, except for the guy voted to play Shinji. However I hope they actually get these actors because I would love to see Hiroshi Abe as Gendo Ikari. I've seen him in Dragon Zakura and Trick and I'd watch him if he was playing Pen Pen.

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