Thursday, April 16, 2009

Judging a Blu-Ray By Its Cover

One of the major Blu-Ray releases coming later this year is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The art for the boxset is a little dull. It's just the movie's logo encircled by the elvish writing taken from the One Ring. You know what would've been cooler? If the logo was encircled by the actual One Ring instead. Here's hoping the artwork for the individual movies is more impressive. There's a whole lot of different directions that they can go with.

The Ghostbusters Blu-Ray uses the same basic image as the current DVD artwork, which is incredibly simple to begin with. The only thing they did to change it up was that they replaced the background of green slime with blue slime. Because it's a Blu-Ray disc! Get it? Yeah.

Sweeet. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is coming to Blu-Ray with all new artwork. This is the movie's third release in Region 1 and this is the best artwork they've used yet. They're calling this the "Complete" edition but that's not entirely accurate. They're not porting over all of the extras used in the "Limited Edition Collector's Set" DVD. Most notably absent is the Last Order anime OAV.

The Spaceballs Blu-Ray reuses the same cover as the DVD Collector's Edition with some changes. The DVD Collector's Edition artwork was made to be a parody of the Star Wars prequel DVDs. For the Blu-Ray release they replaced the golden hue with a blue tint. It looks a lot better and helps the movie stands out on its own. Everybody got that?

I really like when studios change up the artwork for a catalog title. I don't belive Fox has used this particular full body shot of the Predator before for an earlier DVD. The one thing that really makes it stand out from past releases though is the cool bluish tint. I think it's safe to say the name of the format is having an influence on the style of artwork being used for it.

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