Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jumping On The Blogwagon

Alet Nerd has posed a question to the blogosphere; what are your "nerd sacred cows"? That is to say what specific aspects or status quot do of the particular fiction(s) of which you consider yourself a fan of do you strongly prefer to a near irrational extent? After some quick thinking here's what I came up with for myself.

  • Uncle Ben is dead. Norman Osbron is dead. Gwen Stacy is dead. Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn never had rapidly aging babies. Peter Parker and Mary Jane are, at the very least, a couple.

  • Venom looks exactly like black costumed Spider-Man except more muscular and with a mouth. He is not purple, blue, eight feet tall, three headed, or a goopy blob creature. Ideally he's also Eddie Brock but a Mac Gargan is fine too.

  • Clark Kent is cool and confident but also humble and non-confrontational. He is not a bumbling foppish buffoon. Oh and he's married to Lois Lane.

  • Batman is Bruce Wayne (or rather Bruce Wayne is Batman). Nightwing is Dick Grayson. Robin is Tim Drake. Jason Todd is dead. Barabra Gordon is paralyzed. Catwoman is delightfully morally ambiguous.

  • Angel's story ends with "Not Fade Away". We should never know what happens after that.

  • This is kind of an odd one to try to explain. The Aliens (or Xenomorphs if you prefer) should never reach Earth, at least not in any time period that predates the first three Alien movies. I can accept the AvP movies and even enjoy certain aspects of them but I take issue with their general premises.

  • Adrian Veidt kidnapped artisans and geneticists from all across the world to engineer for him a giant Lovecraftian squid creature. He then had those people murdered and used the creature to fake an alien invasion that destroyed much of New York and its citizens which effectively ends the Cold War. He does not point and say "Doctor Manhattan did it".

  • Actually a former scared cow: Whether or not Boba Fett escaped the Sarlaac. I think I like the idea of Fett being alive out there somewhere but seeing how little interest I've shown for post-Return of the Jedi fiction I'm not sure it matters either anyway.


Jon said...

ohhh ho ho. One more day has worn down another fan from marriage to a couple. Before you know it you will be happy with peter crying and masturbating in a tree upside down looking at Mary Jane changing in the window.

Anthony said...

Haha, yeah. Really though when I thought about it I didn't care if they were legally married or not. I think the current explanation is that they were in a live-in relationship for the last several years. I'd be okay with that except for the part where they're no longer together.

Even then my gripe about OMD has more to with its execution. It's just an insanely awful story that it eclipses its intended effects.