Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Takahashi & A New Quadruped

  • Viz has the first chapter of Rumiko Takahashi's newest title Rin-ne on their new website The RumicWorld. Viz is making each chapter available online for a limited time while the series is running in Japan. We've seen a lot of this type of simultaneous distribution for anime recently but I think this is the first time it's been tried with manga. I can't judge Rin-ne based on the single chapter I read but I could imagine reading this story for the next decade or so. Takahashi's past work is not known for their brevity. So far it feels a bit like a shojo Bleach.

  • More Rumiko Takahashi news, Viz is accelerating their release of the InuYasha manga to one graphic novel a month starting in July.Better still, the early volumes of InuYasha are being reprinted as part of the VizBig line that collects three graphic novels into one and sold for a reduced price. Even better than that, both the regular and VizBig formats will be printed in the Japanese right to left format preseving the artwork as it was originally drawn. InuYasha was one of the few manga I know of that was still being released in flopped left to right format. It's good that they finally changed that. I never considered collecting InuYasha before but I'm thinking about it now. I did watch the anime and I'd like to read how the story concludes.

  • Behold the glorious artwork of Skottie Young. Tony has to run from the ladies. Peter just runs. Fantastic.

  • Here's another example of movie merchandise prematurely giving away aspects of the movie's plot. Here's an upcoming action figure of the new Eva Unit-05 from Evangelion 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance. It's not the same as the Mass Production Evas seen in End of Evangelion. In fact it's quite different from any previous Eva Unit. Spoiler: you've been warned.

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