Thursday, May 7, 2009

High Expectations For Shellhead

Warner Bros. has pushed back the release of the Green Lantern movie from 2010 to June 17th 2011. I guess I shouldn't be so shocked. There was never anything about punctuality in the Green Lantern oath. Still I'm disappointed. I was hoping it would be out sooner than that.

So now Green Lantern will debut in the same summer as Spider-Man 4, Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America. For three months we'll be drowning in what could be total geek nirvana. Of course it could turn out to be too much all at once. There's only so much geek dollars to go around. I think it might be for the best if one of those films was delayed until at least the end of the year, though they would then be competing with The Hobbit.

2011 is still quite some time away though. I'm more concerned about next year's release schedule. It's looking pretty bleak right now. Sure I'm looking forward to Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland and TR2N could be good. I must say though that for the most part 2010 is shaping up to be all about Tony Stark.

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