Thursday, June 18, 2009

Action Figure Newsbite 02

DC Direct's exclusive for this year's San Diego Comic Con is a doozy.

They'll be selling a series of Hal Jordan figures at Graphitti Design's booth with each Hal being a member of a different Lantern Corps. The kicker? A different Hal goes on sale each day of the con. The classic Green Lantern Hal will go on sale Wednesday, preview night, and will continue to be sold at the con until it sells out. The edition size of the Green Lantern is double that of the other figures so it shouldn't be too hard to get. It's going to be really challenging to obtain a complete set.

I can understand why this situation might be frustrating to some collectors, but speaking as someone who's never been a completionist though, I think this is a very clever idea.

BTW if you're scratching your head in confusion over the existence of a rainbow of Hal Jordans, I suggest you look into something called Blackest Night. It's coming soon and it's promising to be awesome.

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