Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Burst Through The Heavens With Your Soul

I got the last boxset I needed to complete Gurren Lagann. It comes with the fifth and sixth DVDs of the series.

The third LE set includes the first volume of the manga...

and the Gurren Lagnn Best Sound CD soundtrack. This is a two disc set with the first disc featuring the opening theme and closing themes. The second disc has the background music score. I've only listened to the first disc so far. It's pretty short but a little Shokotan goes a long way.

The packaging for each set in the series bears the emblem of Team Gurren.

Here's some images of the third and fourth DVDs, since apparently I didn't share any last time, and a group shot of all six.

Now it's time to combine!

One last bit of haul to close things off.


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