Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lelouch's Last Stand

Lelouch vi Britannia's long strange trip is finally coming to a close.

Tonight at 1:30 AM, 10:30 PM Pacific, the final episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion will air on Adult Swim. The story of Code Geass's U.S. television broadcast has been almost as complex as the series' actual storyline. Premiering in April of last year this 100 episode series should have wrapped up almost two months ago, having aired one episode a week. Yet Code Geass would face schedule changes, re-starts, and more than one hiatus to allow the dubbing studio to finish their work. In fact Code Geass wouldn't have ended until the end of this month had Adult Swim not decided to air two episodes a a week during this final stretch. The show will even be concluding at the best time slot that it's had during it's run.

So it all comes down to this. Lelouch has had more risky gambits up his sleeve than most Death Note users, but what does he plan to do against Nunnally? Personally I'd like to see him tell the truth. He hasn't ever tried that yet. Unfortunately for him, he's likely past the point where anyone would believe him. I've avoided spoilers until now, and I can't wait to see how it all ends.

(A Fistful of Suck considers itself a family friendly blog, at least until you click on the pictures.) (^_~)

Update 10:32 PM: It seems there's been a schedule change. The original plan was to air the finale followed by a repeat of the first episode. Instead the second to the last episode that aired last week is being re-aired and the final episode will follow right after. Looks like it's still going to be another half hour before the waiting ends.

Update 11:30 PM: Well it's finally over.


Dang. Well Lelouch was victorious. Technically. Still that was a real bring down. I would have been totally cool if he had just ruled the world with an iron fist. Instead he chose the high road and decided to unite the world by out-thinking every person living on it. All it took was the ultimate sacrifice pawn.

I thought Nunnally was really great during this episode. First when she argued with Lelouch pointing out all the errors in his thinking. He may have done all of this for her sake but she certainly seems like she would have been much better off had he just left their situation alone. Then at the end when she really realizes what has happened her situation becomes all the more tragic.

I have a couple of quibbles. First it was a cop out to have Cornelia live, but that's more of an issue with the previous episode. Second I really wish the unlikeably smug Gio had been killed off. This is why I prefer my epic mecha anime when they're directed by "Kill 'Em All" Tomino.


jon said...

It all ends with him going, eh, the going to Hawaii and drinking a fruity drink

Gabriel said...

I realized it was inbetween Family friendly and for older people until I clicked it.

Gabriel said...

Beside your quibbles as you stated, it was still bloody epic. Especially seeing *Spoiler* Zero come back all of a sudden and finishing the job.

Anthony said...

Yeah the unexpected Zero appearance was a great moment. I also like the ironic twist of Suzaku's fate.