Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Anime Expo Experience

So how about that Anime Expo? I feel like I've become an old pro at this convention. This year however was my first as a volunteer. It was an interesting experience. Mostly I just acted as a door guard, making sure only people with the proper badges get into the room I was at. I was almost trampled to death by charging fans at a panel for Toshiyuki Morikawa.

This jumbo sized Red Zaku was on prominent display at one booth selling countless Gundam model kits, among other things. I do love me some Char Aznable related paraphernalia.

Funimation converted their Ouran Host Club section from last year into the classroom from Neon Genesis Evangelion. You can see some cosplayers lounging around, including two Rei Ayanami. There's an obvious joke to be made but I don't want to spill any spoilers.

I went to the Viz panel this year. To me the most interesting news is that related to Naruto Shippuden. I'm disappointed that the series won't be airing on U.S. television but it is heartening to know that the first DVD boxset is just around the corner. I also caught a Funimation sneak preview panel. The big surprise there was the first snippet of the Sgt. Frog English dub.

These stylized Dragonball figures were among the coolest bits of merchandise I saw there. Zarbon certainly never looked this cool.

IMAGI had a booth once again. They were still plugging their Astro Boy movie which finally comes out this October. This year though they were also showing off footage of their Gatchaman movie. I have no clue when that one will be released.

This giant collage of wall scrolls and messenger bags made for a particularly impressive looking booth.

Someone left these lying around. Don't you hate litter bugs?


Gabriel said...

Hm, interesting that a Death Note was lying should have taken it and ruled the world with it...and then eventually having your secret found out by Near. (Spoiler to those who haven't seen it by the way)

Anthony said...

Heh, the notebook actually belonged to a Misa Amane cosplayer who set it aside for a few minutes. I didn't get a picture of Misa herself though. Near, on the other hand...