Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Boxes Of Superheroes

Warner has announced two DVD complete series for release later this year; Justice League on November 10th and Superman: The Animated Series on November 24th. The Justice League boxset includes both the original series and the follow-up series Justice League Unlimited on fourteen discs. A bonus 15th disc will also be included as an exclusive to this set. Superman: The Animated Series will be on six discs (but some of those discs will be double-sided) and have a seventh disc with a look at Darkseid.

I'm surprised they announced both of these so close to each other. They should have saved one for next year. It would be easier on the fans' wallets. Plus last year's Batman: The Animated Series complete collection came in an elaborate package with a hardcover book. These two boxsets are a lot plainer by comparison. I'm not bothered myself because at least these sets will fit easily on a shelf.

One last thing to note, the first season of Justice League was released on Blu-ray Disc quite some time ago but Warner hasn't announced any further DC animated TV releases for the format since then. It's too bad these new complete collections will be available only on DVD.

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