Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brave New PlayStation 3

Sony has announced the PS3 Slim for release in just two weeks. The new model is slimmer, lighter and uses less power than the previous PS3. The price is $299. That's not a bad deal, all things considered. The PS3 Slim's hard drive is 120 GB, which is better than most of the earlier PS3 models. Although there are already rumors that Sony is sitting on a 250 GB version for release sometime down the road. That's not surprising. They stayed quiet about the PS3 Slim's existence for a long time in spite of the numerous news leaks.


jon said...


Gabriel said...

I wonder if it will have limited features to the regular sized PS3. I worry about no Blu-Ray support.

Anthony said...

Worry not. PS3 games are themselves Blu-ray Discs. The PS3 system must play both.

So far the only downgrade with the Slim compared to older models that I know of is that you can no longer install third party operating systems. So no Linux on your PS3.