Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cancelled Action Figure Cavalcade: Darkwing Duck

So in yesterday's post I mentioned that there aren't that many toys I had as a kid that I feel a lot of nostalgia for. Darkwing Duck is a good example why. I don't know why I was into Darkwing Duck. I guess I was just really up for anything containing any remote superhero conventions. But at the time I was a fan and even had some of the toys. Of course I didn't have any from the second series, but no one did. The second series was never produced.

I don't know where this scan came from but it's been circulating around the internet for awhile now. I don't know if that vehicle was ever on the show, but let's take a look at the figures. The Bizarro Darkwing and harlequin duck look good. The Liquidator design is awesome. (To learn how not to make a toy of a water based character, see the Toy Biz Hydroman figure.) Gizmoduck would be great but it's too bad that they had to make the "wheel leg" flat so that the figure could stand on its own. The other characters look fine as toys, they're just not that interesting. The two guys in suits were definitely destined to wind up in clearance bins. It may have been for the best that these weren't released. Granted I am in no place to judge the viability of Darkwing Duck merchandise. They were able to get my money, well my parents' money anyways.


Gabriel said...

I thought i had some of these though. I guess I just remember seeing them like your other canceled calvacades.

Anthony said...

Perhaps you're confusing them with some of the figures from the first series?

Gabriel said...

Perhaps, I still remember having QuackerJack from the canceled series though. Just saying that makes me feel old.