Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Turtles' Blu-Ray Bummer?

Today is the official release date for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 25th Anniversary Film Collection. Reviews have been coming in and the final products have some disappointments.

The DVD boxset is just a repackaging of the originally released DVDs. I was actually half expecting that to be the case. What's unique is the packaging itself. The four DVDs come in a typical CD wallet styled after a sewer's manhole cover. The set also comes with temporary tattoos and child-sized Turtle bandannas. (I think I recall having a Raphael bandanna that came with a plastic turtle snout as a kid.) Personally I wouldn't buy this set but mostly because the DVDs are just straight reissues of the existing discs.

With the Blu-ray Disc boxset Warner Bros. didn't bother to add any new bonus material to the three live action movies, or even port over the meager extras from the DVDs. Still the films are in high-definition, and that should be enough of a draw for some people. The fourth film TMNT is a straight repackage of the existing Blu-ray, which is acceptable. Despite not being a new disc it will have more extras and better picture quality than the live action movies.

The Blu-ray boxset also comes with pack-in items; a beanie, trading cards, a full graphic novel adaptation of the first film and a sketch by Turtle co-creator Peter Laird.

An odd aspect about this set is the packaging. It's literally modeled after a pizza box. It's just a cardboard box with two discs on a plastic tray on either side of the interior. It's a neat idea but seems kind of cheap in execution. I would've preferred packaging that just resembled a pizza box and had standard Blu-ray Disc cases inside. While it doesn't hold up to expectations I think I would still give the Blu-Ray collection a shot though, if I ever get a Blu-ray player.

And on a related note: new bobble heads.


The Mandie Char Chars said...

Man those bobble head are well produced, they look 2 dimensional.

Gabriel said...

I like IGN's review/comment of the Blu-Ray Pizza disc's: "Also, each disc is designed to look like a pizza that, by pure irony, suits the respective film. The first film is a pepperoni pizza (a classic), the second is a margherita pizza (a not-as-popular, sweet, but overbearing flavor), the third film is a cheese pizza (and the film is quite bland and cheesy), and the final film is a supreme pizza (everything's here, but it's also cluttered with too much going on, and you don't always like the toppings)."