Thursday, September 10, 2009

Detective Comics Entertainment

Warner Executive #1: Did you hear Disney bought Marvel?
Warner Executive #2: We should buy our own comics company.
Warner Executive #1: Great idea! Let's buy DC Comics.
Warner Executive #2: We'll get right on it!
**** Some Time Later ****
Warner Executive #2: It turns out DC is already owned by someone.
Warner Executive #1: What?! By who?
Warner Executive #2: By us.
Warner Executive #1: What?! For how long?
Warner Executive #2: Since about 1972.
Warner Executive #1: Dang. Well let's do something about it.

And thus DC Entertainment was born.

Warner Bros has restructured DC Comics. To be fair this situation was probably in the works for a long time but I don't think it's a coincidence it was announced so soon after that other recent big news. Actually this move seems like it could affect DC more than Marvel will be affected by being bought by Disney. Paul Levitz has been stepped down as president and publisher of DC but is still staying with the company a writer and consultant.. The new president is the former head of the direct to DVD Warner Premiere movies. DC Entertainment is still looking for a new publisher.

I'm guessing this has everything to do with taking better advantage of their properties for movies and TV. DC has been slacking in that department compared to Marvel. In terms of movies DC doesn't have a whole lot on its immediate plate besides Green Lantern and Jonah Hex. I mean I'll go see Jonah Hex but he's not exactly the character I would have most liked to see as a movie.

Comic Book Resources is saying that producer Joel Silver is off of Wonder Woman and The Flash. This is presumably so DC Entertainment can take over production of those projects. That's good news to me. It's crazy that those films have been in development for so long with nothing to show for it. Who would have thought Lobo would be greenlit before them?

The potentially bad news is for the publishing department. Comic books at DC are now a little less important than they were before and they weren't very important to begin with.

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