Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween Time Again

As I've established in the past, I enjoy Halloween a great deal. Last year I was already posting about my Halloween related fines in August. This year I've managed to contain my self for a bit longer. I have spotted a few things here and there, but it wasn't until I went to a Party City a few days ago that I really started to feel the excitement again. When I'm faced with a giant container of Jack 'O Lantern buckets, how could I not?

Nothing says Halloween like Terminator Salvation. I'm not going to bother to judge this puppet-ish thing for what it is. I just question the thought process behind creating a Halloween decoration themed around Terminator Salvation. As with other Terminator Salvation merchandise, the T-600 is depicted as though his likeness is based on professional wrestler turned actor in Ed Wood films, Tor Johnson.

They also had Jason Voorhees puppet-ish things who I feel is a character bit better suited for use as a Halloween decoration. Interestingly this seems to be based on Jason as seen in the recent remake. I don't know why he's wearing a blue blazer instead of his leather jacket though.

2009 remake Jason is overtaking old zombie Jason. Nu-Jason gets the majority of the costume square while O.G. Jason is reduced to a tiny box in the corner. This is the new world we're living in and I'm scared. On a more serious note, that blue blazer is back.

What's an easier way to get your kid beat up on Halloween than dressing them up as a Power Ranger? How about dressing them up as a outdated Power Ranger from years ago? Parents, there's a reason they've marked down the price on these.

Ozzy Osbourne is infamous for biting a head off a bat (among other things). Gene Simmons is infamous for wearing makeup and being a shameless shill (among little else). Obviously whoever designed this mask needs to retake Metal 101.

Has blueing yourself become too inconvenient? Why not make things simpler for yourself and buy this mask. Now you can discover the man inside you without leaving paint stains all over the model home.

Wolverine gloves are nothing new. I had one as a kid. (That's right, they didn't even sell them in pairs. And we had to walk fifteen miles in the snow to buy our Wolverine glove.) However these days kids think of Wolverine as a more casual dude than we used to. They picture him wearing jeans and a wife-beater, and not in blue and yellow spandex. So out with the gloves and in with the creepy fleshtone hand attachments.

Now everyone can have their very own Optimus Prime sword and stick it to some bad guys, be they Decepticons or an obnoxious sibling. No face is safe!

Here's a major new step forward in Halloween technology. In the past fake chainsaws were too heavy on the fake and too lite on the chainsaw. Now they've finally put out what looks like a believable chainsaw prop. Either that or Party City is carrying power tools now.

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