Thursday, September 17, 2009

Judging A DVD By Its Cover 12

When you follow this stuff as geekily as I do then you start to notice some patterns. I had a feeling this poster would be used for the Terminator Salvation DVD cover. And I guessed right. Yea me. It's just too bad the artwork in question is such an unfortunate mash-up of different elements.

So why are Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Gandalf hanging out together in nondescript field with a cityscape in the background? I know DVD covers don't need to feature genuine scenes from the movie, but they could have done a little better. It's really just the background throwing me off.

By contrast, the artwork for the two-disc edition showcases an actual moment from the movie (well sort of). Both versions feature the new look for the Harry Potter logo; flying at you at an angle. I'm not saying that's a bad thing or a good thing. I'm just pointing out a logo.

When last we looked at the Revenge of the Fallen DVDs and Blu-ray, this one managed to slip under the radar. The cover for this two movie collection uses this poster image. Surprisingly it looks more iconic than any of the stand alone releases.

So that Star Trek artwork from last time ended up not being the final artwork. I guess I should start adding an "artwork subject to change" disclaimer. I really liked the new artwork at first. I have a soft spot for minimalism and non-conventional artwork in general. That was all before I found out it was (I'm assuming) a clear plastic slipcover over Kirk's giant mug. Honestly it's not much of a difference. Still though, why must sparks be flying over Kirk's body?

Almost every release of Fight Club has featured some very cool packaging. The Blu-ray edition is no different. The picture above is of the actual Blu-ray case. The Digital Bits has a look at the slipcover. How often do you get packaging that tells you that you're not a beautiful snowflake?

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