Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trick Or Target

Last year I made a trip to Target to discover that Japanese TV mascot Domo had taken over the department store for Halloween. This year Target has teamed up with the Skelanimals. What are Skelanimals? They're skeleton... animals. Okay I have seen them before but otherwise I'm not too familiar with them. I do know that Target is currently selling a whole lot of Skelanimals products.

It's not all about the Skelanimals however. There's also quite a bit of stuff featuring characters I think may be original to Target. I really like these designs. On the spectrum of cool looking creatures I'd put them ahead of the Skelanimals. I love the crap out of that smiling ghost plush.

There's no topping Domo though. I found a small stash of Domo plushies hanging around at Target. They're the same as the ones from last year. Plus I've heard that there will be still more Domo goodness to be had this October.

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