Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Domo and Chocula

Here's some quick follow-ups on some recent posts.

First up, Eat Me Daily has some pictures of what you can find at 7-Eleven during their Domo promotion. You can see food packaging, store displays and the awesome Slurpee cup standee. There's also a selection of Domo merchandise for sale that I'm guessing is only available at select locations, seeing as how I haven't see any of that stuff myself.

Second, the monster cereal characters seem to be using their brief time in the spotlight to branch out into some new fields. At Target I saw Boo Berry flavored Fruit By the Foot snacks. More bizarre is that Count Chocula and his friends have put out a CD. Judging by the title "Spooky Sounds form Count Chocula's Castle", I'm guessing the CD has little to do with the characters and is just a mix of generic background music to play at Halloween parties. Too bad because I would much rather hear these guys belt out a few tunes. (Okay, not really.)

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