Thursday, October 1, 2009

Morphenomenal News

Bandai has announced that they will be revisiting the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme for next year's toy line. There will also be a new series to premiere on ABC in January. The popular belief is that this "new" series is just a remastered version of the original MMPR episodes. I was little skeptical about how modern kids will receive the unabashed Nineties-ness of the original series but supposedly a good deal of the kids who buy Power Rangers toys don't even watch the TV show. And if shows like Full House and Saved by the Bell can live on forever in reruns, then why not the MMPR? And this way they can hang onto those kids while catering to older fans as well. Bandai is just broadening their consumer base. This seems to be a clever work around the issues the series has been having lately. Remastering the older series also means they save money by not having to film an adaptation of Shinkenger. The remastering will have to involve replacing the music because Saban retained the music rights when they sold the show to Disney, so say farewell to "Go Go Power Rangers".

Toy News International has the press release and pictures of two of the new figure. The press release even has a quote from the actor who played Bulk. I like the toys. I can't wait to see what other new stuff they have planned. I'm hoping for an even bigger Megazord.

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jon said...

Haha the blue ranger looks so shiny, and the pink ranger actually looks like a girl.