Friday, October 23, 2009

What's Up With the Up Steebook

The Up steelbook is a preorder bonus at Best Buy. I have a lot of steelbooks and this one is something of an oddity. It's made for the four disc Blu-ray set and it's width is greater than what is typical for DVD and Blu-ray cases. It's construction uses much more plastic than the average steelbook. I've found that it can be quite difficult to open. Inside there are two flaps for the discs to be stored. These aren't like the flaps I've seen in other DVD packaging or even in other steelbooks. One flap is attached to case with a hinge. The other flap is attached to that first flap but only by a thin fold of plastic. I'm going to be handling this case with kid gloves. I do absolutely love the artwork used here.

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