Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cancelled Action Figure Cavalcade: Twisted Metal

InToyz planned to release a pair of figures based on video game Twisted Metal Black. The line was to include a very hefty looking Sweet Tooth and the motorcycle riding Grimm, because he's the second most visually interesting character from the game. It seems odd to just produce toys of the characters and not of the vehicles they use. Twisted Metal is about a deadly demolition derby and most people remember the souped-up cars and not the riders. InToyz's figures were never released so we'll never know if they would have been successful. DC Direct has recently announced their own new Sweet Tooth figure. We'll see how that one fares especially now that it's been some time since there's been a new Twisted Metal.


Gabriel said...

Well the last Twisted Metal came out for the PSP with the subtitle: Head-On. Pretty good considering the free online capabilities, but yeah its been a while since it came out.

jon said...

Yes! Twisted Metal figures with out those stupid cars. Just what I always wanted!