Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mister 10 Below & Mister 101

The TV networks sure don't wait for long before they start airing the Christmas specials. On the first day of December I watched The Year Without a Santa Claus on ABC Family. The special is just sort of decent overall but the characters of Snow Miser and Heat Miser completely steal the show with their theme songs. (Well it's really the same song with different lyrics.) Two days later it's still stuck in my head.

A sequel, A Miser Brother's Christmas, premiered last year. It wasn't bad and it's not a surprise they gave the Miser Brothers top billing this time around. It'll air again this year on ABC Family on December 8th.

On a fun note, this was on the The Year Without a Santa Claus Wikipedia page:

A clip from the Snow Miser's song can be seen in the film Batman & Robin. Mr. Freeze watches it and makes his henchmen sing the song. It is too cold for them to sing, because they are in a freezer, and he gives up on them.

I had to read that over again before it sunk in. And I watched that movie. In theatres.

That wasn't a very cool movie.

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Jonathan said...

In reality all his henchmen were Heatmiser fans.