Saturday, December 12, 2009

Now You Too Can Be A Shell Head has early images of the Iron Man 2 toyline, none of which seems to be based off of Iron Man 2. The action figures are broken up into three groups: Comic Series, Concept Series, and Movie Series. The Concept Series will be made of armor designs based off concept art or maybe just stuff the toy designers made up. You can guess what the Comic Series and Movie Series will be based off of. However the Movie Series figures are all from the first Iron Man so far. Perhaps Hasbro isn't providing images of sequel based figures just yet. Then again maybe it's that they won't be shipping them until after the first assortments. That would kinda suck.

Then there's the role play toys. Seeing as how much the toy industry loves electronic helmets right now, it's odd that it's taken this long to for an Iron Man one to be made. I like that the face mask flips à la the real Iron Man's helmet. The eye lenses are much too large though. Children need to see where they're going.

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