Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cancelled Action Figure Cavalcade: Watchmen

The Watchmen movie opens in less than a week. That's just insane when you think about it. At the start of this decade DC had to cancel their promotion of the 15th Anniversary of Watchmen which would have consisted of a line of action figures by DC Direct. This was done as a too-little-too-late gesture to placate the series' famed author Alan Moore with whom DC has had a troubled working relationship with to say the least. Now with the impending release of the movie we're seeing all kinds of merchandise including action figures, lunchboxes, t-shirts, posters, Halloween costumes and an official Rorschach desk blotter.

So what's changed? Nothing really. DC has just figured they'll never be able to mend their relationship with Alan Moore. So they've decided to go for broke. That means comic based Watchmen figures could be back on the table. I mean after adapting Watchmen into a movie, a simple line of toys couldn't possibly make things any worse for their dealings with Moore.

Man I think these look awesome even now, years after they were first revealed. They nailed David Gibbons' artwork. The assortment would have included the Comedian, Silk Spectre and Doctor Manhattan. Presumably the other characters would have followed in later waves. It's neat how they were able to make Silk Spectre's costume semi-transparent. I like the smiley face bases that would have been included. Doctor Manhattan gets his own unique Mars base which he can "float" above. It looks like he'd still be able to stand on his own two feet without the base, which is something the movie Doctor Manhattan action figure isn't capable of.

There's something else these comic Watchmen figures would have had that the current movie toys don't; alternate swappable heads for the Comedian. In fact if you want the movie version of the younger Comedian then you'll have to buy a separate variant figure. Of course I'd say that says more about the rising costs of this hobby in the last few years than anything else.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Three Times the Two-Packs

While much of this haul consists of birthday gifts and clearance finds they're more or less offset by my first purchase from Mattel's collector website, the Starfire and Adam Strange box set. I usually find internet exclusives to be too pricey, but since it's a two-pack it's a slightly better value compared to their other figures. I suppose you can't but put a price on a retro-futuristic adventurer with a jet pack and an orange skinned alien princess. While we're on the subject of orange hued superheroes, the Thing rules.

Saturday, February 21, 2009



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Toy Fair '09 Wrap-Up

So another Toy Fair draws to a close and now I start counting down until the next one. Pictures are from and Action Figure Insider.

These deluxe Dragonball Evolution figures have a ripcord that when pulled activates the figure's rapid JoJo's Bizarre Adventure style punching and kicking. That's one of those ideas that sounds cool on paper but is almost never executed in a way that works.

This here is Kryb. He's a Yellow Lantern who collects orphaned babies and stores them in a cage on his back. No seriously.

We already have them as older folks and now we'll soon have young versions of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen. Can charred corpse versions be that far away?

Here's a look at Clone Turbo Tank outside of its box and with all the panels opened up. The front piece detaches to become a stand-alone sentry station.

The large $100 Devastator toy will be able to transform into separate construction vehicles but those vehicles will not have their own unique robot forms. Instead the individual robots will be made available as separate individually packaged toys that cannot be used to combine into Devastator. The fact that there will not be a single Devastator toy large and complex enough to transform in the exact same way as will be depicted in the movie has caused great turmoil amongst Transformers fandom which is something that I, as a rational person, have difficulty comprehending.

Never thought I'd see a potato covered in a hideous jumble of car parts. Why didn't they base it on the classic version of Bumblebee, like they did with Optimash Prime?

Remember what I said about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine figures before? Turns out there will be figures based on the movie but only a few. You can get a Liev Schreiber Sabertooth in a black trenchcoat and a Hugh Jackman Wolverine in military garb. Wal-Mart will have exclusive soft goods versions of both. So in total there will be four figures based on the movie and everything else is comic based. Perhaps more movie figures will be announced later in the year.

Cute little Dethlok. The breadth of this toyline is ridiculous, in a good way. The Superhero Squad is even receiving an animated series which just got picked up by Cartoon Network. Also Spectacular Spider-Man will be on Disney XD and Wolverine and the X-Men and Iron Man: Armored Adventures will air on Nicktoons. When it comes to children's television networks I guess Marvel likes to play the field.

One of my favorite items from the entire convention is the Spider-Man Mighty Mugg with a removable mask. The San Diego Comic Con exclusive for this year was announced to be a Wolverine Mugg with retractable claws. Clearly there have been some great strides in the advancement of Mighty Mugg technology.

I mentioned before that Mezco making Goosebumps toys was a match better than I could have imagined. You know what would be an even better match? Mezco making Universal Monsters toys. They have the license for The Wolf Man reamke so it seems plausible. Raising my hopes a little higher are these roto figures of Frankenstein and Dracula produced by Mezco. However they don't seem to be based on the Universal versions of the characters, although they are somewhat close.

A Domo For All Seasons. :D

Monday, February 16, 2009

Toy Fair '09 Day Three

Toy Fair doesn't end until Wednesday but I think we might have already seen everything the companies have to offer this year. Blame the internet for making everything happen faster than it needs to. These pictures come from and Cool Toy Review.

This series of two packs might be the swan song for long running fan favorite toyline Marvel Legends. They were originally intended for general distribution, but they had to become a shared exclusive between Toys R Us and Diamond in order to get released. It would have been a shame if that Dum Dum Dugan figure was cancelled.

Well looks like I dodged a bullet. Okay they're not all that bad. I'm picking on Goku here who is definitely the worst looking of the bunch. Still they're not fantastic figures and I think I can avoid buying them. Maybe. Probably not.

The Dragonball Evolution figures all come with a piece to build Oozaru here who looks like that leaked photo from earlier with two exceptions. The most obvious difference is that he's translucent blue. There might be a reason for this or it could just be a toy thing. The other difference is that he appears to be wearing Saiyan armor(!) instead of Goku's gi. The more of this movie we learn about the more confused I am.

Mattel's presentation at Toy Fair was disapointing because they had revealed most of their stuff already the New York Comic Con. In fact there was quite a few items that had been on display at NYCC that weren't at Toy Fair, so Mattel was actually showing off less stuff than before. One toys that was at both conventions was this twelve inch Joker figure with a new more Ledger-esque headsculpt.

This dude is from the movie 9. I don't know much about him but both the toy and the movie are looking very nice so far.

This guy's giant axe is shaped like a boot, right? It's not just me? Sometimes I feel as though I see boot shapes where none exist, such as with Italy and Chicken McNuggets. Anyways this big guy is a villain from Resident Evil 5.

NECA has a bit of a reputation for pulling off the seemingly impossible when it comes to licenses. Now they have acquired the likeness rights to California's acting governor. They have four types of the T-800 from Terminator 2 coming out. The T-800 with his arm skin removed is pictured above. It's the least essential of the lot but it's arguably the coolest visually.

Mezco making Goosebumps toys sounded like a match better than I could have imagined but what they revealed at Toy Fair was mostly just bookmarks, plush toys and other knick-knacks. There's no sign of any action figures. They are making a Slappy doll that looks like a bad fusion of the Slappy from the book cover artwork and the one from the TV show.

Toynami had several of these packaging mock-ups at their booth. There's still no concrete word but it seems to be a pretty good indication that they have the license to make Naruto Shippūden figures. While that would be great news, even if it is true than it's still going to a long time before they hit store shelves.

A Snake Eyes mask with a clear visor? That sucks. Stupid children and their need to see where they're going.

Wow. I've never before seen thighs so large and a flattop so flat.

There wasn't any show photos of these Pokémon figures available when I made yesterday's post so I had to use a stock image of Pikachu. I love the character specific details, especially Crogunk's cheeks.

And there's yet another Mighty Muggs clone at Tot Fair, Shocker Toys' Mallow Men. They seems to be based on Mad Balls which traditionally are just heads so I guess Shocker has to design bodies for them.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Toy Fair '09 Day Two

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The pics come from Action Figure Insider and and Toyark.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Toy Fair '09 Day One

It's the most wonderful time of the year, the U.S. Toy Fair in New York. The most surprising news so far, there will be toys based on Dragonball Evolution. I just know I'll end up buying them. There's no pics yet so here's hoping they're so awful that I'm able to resist them. So far it's mostly Hasbro's stuff that's been revealed. These pics come from YoJoe!, CoolToyReview, and Rebelscum.

I was never a big fan of Storm Shadow's look in the live action movie but it seems to translate well into toy form. The fact that he's dressed in white and all the other movie characters are dressed in black and camoflague helps him stand out. Plus being a ninja never hurts.

Now that I've gotten a much better look at the Pit I'm sorry to say I have to stand by my earlier assesement of it. When it's opened up it's just a jumble of random play areas. I'm sure a kid would still be able to get a lot of play value out of it. Is this boat/tank thing going to be in the movie? I'm not even sure what it is so I'm having a hard time trying to imagine this thing existing in the real world.

Behold the Devastator(s)! One of these is a simple Power Bot designed for younger children. The other is a two foot tall Supreme class toy that will cost one hundred dollars. Guess which is which.

Here's the big guy from the end of the teaser trailer. His name is Demolisher and he turns into a steam shovel and Devastator's torso. Like pretty much all Transformers' toys, it's not to scale.

This is Human Alliance Bumblebee and so far it's my favorite Revenge of the Fallen toy. It looks to be very on model to the CG robot with a lot of detail. Plus the Sam figure can sit inside in car mode and ride on his back in robot mode.

This Deadpool figure is part of a deluxe line of Wolverine figures. My fingers are crossed that it turns out to be six inch scale because than it will be as good as mine.

Is this the Punisher wearing Iron Man armor specifically designed for him or is this Tony Stark wearing Iron Man armor designed specifically to take down the Punisher?

This is a comparison pic of the animated style Iron Man from the upcoming cartoon standing next to the Marvel Universe Iron Man.

Amazingly Hasbro has another large ticket Star Wars vehicle coming out. I like the Clone Turbo Tank more than last year's AT-TE and Millenium Falcon but it's still way out of my price range.

I'm not even sure of the name of this vehicle but as a huge fan of the Battlefront games I'm real glad to see it in toy form.

Finally here's The Clone Wars animated style Jabba the Hutt. Jabba never looked so cool.