Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Toy Fair 2010 Part Two

Remember at the end of Batman Forever when the Riddler absorbs all the information from his brainwave gizmo and it drives him insane? That's kind of what the last few days have felt like for me. I guess that's what every Toy Fair feels like for me. Unlike the Riddler, I will eventually get better.

So here's more Toy Fair stuff, mostly from Cool Toy Review.

Bandai is releasing figures of the male Rangers wearing Green Ranger's Dragon Sheild. It makes sense since we do see other Rangers wear it on the show and it's a common custom, so Bandai is making official versions. But what about the Green Ranger who already wears the Shield? They're making a figure of him wearing even more armor. Wouldn't it have been better to release a figure without the Shield since we do see him like that?

The Red Power Ranger Unit 02 was developed by NERV-03 to be piloted by Asuka Langley Soryu.

The next Zord to be released in the revamped Mighty Morphin Power Rangers line is Titanus, coming even before the Dragonzord. The new Titanus has a Mix & Morph apparatus inside. Not surprisingly the fans aren't pleased about that. The press release states it will still be able to carry the Dino Megazord figure, so I guess it will work out okay.

I'll give Bandai this, the deco on the new Titanus is lot more on-model than the original toy from '93. You can easily compare the two because the original is pictured on the box. Real smooth Bandai.

Bandai is getting a lot of flack for making toys that have nothing to do with the Power Rangers series. Instead they seem prefer slapping Power Ranger imagery on any weird crap. The item pictured above pretty much sum this up best. I think they're supposed to be wrist watches. I think.

NECA is really dedicated to their Terminator 2 line. They've already released many different versions of Arnie and now they're turning their attention to the T-1000 who will be available in varying degrees of liquid metal-ness.

Mezco had their Little Big Planet line on display, so I guess they got their issues worked out. That's another one to add to the list of un-cancelled toys.

I wish I collected Superhero Squad. You don't see the non-cute toylines getting a S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters playset.

Funko is making monster style Star Wars figs. I love the zombie Stormtrooper but the Franken-Vader is too cartoony. He looks like Donald Duck. And Yoda and Chewbacca don't look as monstrous so much as they just look like angry versions of themselves.

Sonic the Hedgehog. Driving a car. Sure why not.

Hasbro has altered a lot of their initial plans for the Pursuit of Cobra. The Terror Drome has a comprehensive summary of what's going on there. I'm not too crazy about some of their decisions but at least they're still releasing the awesome new HISS tank.

The nicest surprise to come out of this year's Toy Fair? Diamond Select's upcoming Universal Monster line. A different toy company gets the license every few years but Diamond is planning to do a lot more with it than most. They're releasing Mini-mate block toys and Mego style 8" figures in addition to the nice looking figures with display bases pictured above. I was really hoping Mezco would get the Universal Monster license but Diamond's stuff looks promising.

The Four Horsemen completely knocked the Guy Gardner sculpt out of the park. Just looking at it makes me want to slug him in the face, but that just might be because I want to be Batman.

I've been dying for someone to make Venture Bros. figures. Biff Bang Pow have stepped to the plate but with some unusual results. Biff Bang Pow will be doing 8" Mego style figures for all their lines. Their live action based stuff looks alright, (you can see Ming the Merciless in one of the pictures above) but I don't know if it works for animated characters. At least not for ones with atypical body types like Brock and 21. Although doing the toys with a retro 70s feel does fit thematically with the Venture Bros.


Gabriel said...

I kinda like how 21 and 24 are looking. You can't really mess them up. Not so much everyone else. That Sonic in a car figure is based on the video game where he drives a car. Well for the new Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing with Banjo Kazooie video game. He has been teaming up with some odd characters lately with horrible results. In the trailer he actually jumped out of his car and was faster than the car he was in, how ridiculous was that?

Anthony said...

I was not familar with Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. I'm dissapointed that the Super Monkey Ball monkey is driving a car too, instead of driving a monkey ball.

Gabriel said...

Is Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man while holding the figure in that picture? He looks wasted.