Sunday, February 14, 2010

Toy Fair 2010

It's Toy Fair time and I've been sitting in front of my computer absorbing toy news for far too long. Cool Toy Review and Rebelscum have some of the best coverage on the net. Here's some highlights.

The big ticket item for Star Wars this year is a brand new Imperial AT-AT. It's a piece of mother frakkin' beauty. I want this and I know I shouldn't.

Hasbro's bringing back the Star Wars Vintage style packaging again. This time the line will include prequel and Expanded Universe based figures. For now though they only showed the initial Empire Strikes Back wave. It includes a Han Solo in his mechanic getup that he wears very briefly in the film. After thirty years they're still finding alternative looks of the main characters to make toys out of.

Here's something else I want that I know I shouldn't, but not because of the financial and physical space concerns I have with the AT-AT. This has more to do with resisting the shameful urge to run around the house and pretending I'm Boba Fett.

Behold Galactus, the devourer of worlds. Granted at 19 inches tall he needs someone to mash up his worlds for him before he can eat them. That's still pretty tall by action figure standards.

Tony Starch. I want to buy this. Less because of the toy itself and mostly because of my love of puns.

The Domo is always greener on the other side.

ADAM is a hell of a drug.

NECA's Predator sculpts rival those of Hot Toys. They had one based on the Predator of the original film and this guy who looks very similar. He's carrying a flintlock pistol. Is he one of the Predators from the end of the second movie?

They slimed him. Although I don't get why they're selling this one before the "non-slimed" Venkman.

Apparently the Avatar toyline is already reaching Star Wars territory of obscure character selection. There's going to be a toy of the greedy business executive complete with his little golf club. But does he come with Unobtanium?

Actual action figures based on a Robot Chicken sketch. (^0^)

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