Monday, February 8, 2010

You Know the Germans Make Good Stuff

The original live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is finally getting the special edition treatment on DVD, but only in Germany. The DVD will have director's commentary, deleted scenes, and the alternate ending. The novelization I had as a kid featured this ending. In it April and Danny use April's sketches to pitch the Turtles as a concept for a comic book, while the Turtles watch them from outside the skyscraper window. It's a little too in-jokey but I would like to see the filmed version.

Warner Bros just re-released the first TMNT film and its sequels last August but the Blu-ray discs had no extras and the DVDs were just the old ones in new packaging. I don't know why Warner couldn't be bothered to include these extras on their releases. At least now that they're available somewhere the odds are better of the U.S. getting them eventually. Maybe in 2012 when the new Nickelodeon produced Ninja Turtle movie comes out.

This is actually not the first time something I've been wanting to see released in the States for years came out in Germany. Power Rangers has been coming out in season sets on DVD for some time now. Although I suspect Disney will be releasing their remastered version on DVD soon enough. Question is, will people want it?

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