Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cancelled Action Figure Cavalcade: Mario's World

Today's entry of Cancelled Action Figure Calvacade hits particularly close to home. As a kid there wasn't very much I wanted more than action figures based on my favorite Nintendo characters.

Back in 2000 little known toy company Toysite was previewing an extensive collection of figures based on Nintendo characters at Toy Fair and E3. They were never officially released. One of the series Toysite had planned was "Mario's World", a loose collection of Nintendo characters mostly focusing on those from the Mario Bros. games.

Mario and Luigi came with "plumber weapons" which amusingly enough is something they have in common with the Mario and Luigi figures from the Ertl toyline based on the live action movie. Toysite did have an eye for game accurate details. The Metal Mario had an action feature that allowed it to sink in water.

Of particular note is the Banjo and Kazooie figure. Because of the falling out between Nintendo and Rare, there's no way a Banjo figure would be included in a Nintendo line today.

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