Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mad Dolls

I like to call Mad Men my absolute favorite show that doesn't have any robots in it. I think that makes it my 48th favorite show overall.

Mattel is producing a line of Barbie dolls based on Mad Men, and frankly I'm not loving them. I understand that what makes for a good Barbie doll is very likely completely different than what makes for a good action figure. The dolls don't look like the actors but in at least the women's case it's intentional. The Joan and Betty dolls are styled after the older Barbies of the 1960's when the show takes place which I actually think is kind of a nice touch.

The problem is they shouldn't be sharing the same body type. Christina Hendricks is a stunning woman and that Barbie frame captures none of that. To be fair to Mattel they did do a great job with Joan's hair.

Betty's hair isn't as nice. It looks too voluminous to be specific. It's ironic that Mattel couldn't even nail her in doll form, as the character is essentially a living Barbie doll.

As for the men, Don and Roger don't look like Ken fortunately. Yet they don't look much like John Hamm and John Slattery either. To paraphrase Liz Lemon, John Hamm looks like a cartoon pilot. He doesn't look like a mannequin.

You know what would have made these dolls more appealing? If they talked. I want a Roger doll that makes dry pithy remarks to me when I pull it's string.

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