Monday, March 1, 2010

Judging A DVD By Its Cover 13

Remember the Nineties? I know you do!

The Ghost Writer cover is clever and it fits the spirit of the show to a T. I'm almost as nostalgic for composition notebooks as I am for the show itself. Honestly though as much as I might have liked Ghost Writer I had forgotten that it even existed.

The Family Matters cover is priceless. The family is small and off in the background, with a giant Urkel up front. It epitomizes the entire series.

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Gabriel said...

Wow, two shows I never thought would come to DVD in a long while. Especially Ghost Writer. What an old and very 80's show. It probably might be cheesy for today's standards. What the hell was Ghost Writer? Did they ever reveal his identity? The theme is now stuck in my head...