Sunday, March 14, 2010

Most Anticipated Blu-ray Discs

I’ve been impressed with the amount of titles that are already out or have been announced as coming soon. For example Shout! Factory has said they’re working on a Blu-ray release of the 1987 animated G.I. Joe: The Movie. Who could have expected that? There are still a number of other titles that have yet to be announced that I want to see released. I think Jurassic Park would be my top choice and I doubt I’ll have to wait long for it. Other personal favorites would be The Rocketeer and Super Mario Bros. Those might take longer.

There are plenty of series yet to come out on Blu-ray including the Alien teratology, Back to the Future trilogy, and the Star Wars hexology. It could be a long wait for that last one, but I’ll wait as long as it takes.

There’s some classic films I’d like to see on Blu-ray, King Kong, Citizen Kane, and The Seven Samurai. I think they all have a good chance of coming out eventually.

The Weinstein Company doesn’t have a great track record for Blu-ray releases. Among the movies they’re sitting on that I want to see released are Suspiria, the theatrical cut of Grindhouse, and Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair.

I’m looking forward to more Disney animated features but there are a few I want to single out. Aladdin was a part of the earlier Platinum edition line but isn’t part of the new Diamond Edition line. It was replaced by Fantasia and Fantasia 2000. I don’t see the point in needing to replace certain movies with other ones. They’re putting unnecessary restrictions on themselves with their practices. They don’t even stick to their carefully planned schedule. The Diamond Edition of Dumbo should have been out already, and it is out in other countries, but Disney pushed it back a year in the U.S.

Another one is Alice in Wonderland. Disney has a new Special Un-Anniversary Edition coming to DVD but not on Blu-ray. Why do studios even bother with DVD only releases these days? Hopefully the Blu-ray is coming later. Maybe later new live action movie comes out.

It’s a safe bet that TRON will be released on Blu-ray later this year when TRON Legacy opens in theatres. Then again if Disney didn’t bother with Alice in Wonderland on Blu, I guess it’s possible they could hold off on TRON too.

Lastly I want to mention some anime films that I’d like to have any sort of upgrade on, Blu-ray or not. End of Evangelion and Perfect Blue are currently only available as out of print non-anamorphic DVDs. Princess Mononoke could use a special edition. Only Yesterday needs to be released period. And I really want the early Pokémon movies in widescreen but I don’t know if that will ever happen.


Gabriel said...
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Gabriel said...

You pretty much outdid my DVD's in need of a re-release here. By the way I predicted Neverending Story, but only like 2/3 since it wasn't the re-release anyone hoped for either. I second on Rocketeer and Super Mario Bros. Blu-ray.

Gabriel said...

IGN may have copied your idea: