Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mattel Exclusives on AOTS

Mattel's San Diego Comic-Con exclusives will be revealed on Monday's episode of Attack of the Show on G4. However Friday's episode they showed a quick preview and thanks to the magic of the DVR I was able to take these pics.

This is a MEGO style figure of Peter Venkman from Real Ghostbusters. Up until now all of Mattel's Ghostbusters have been based on the live action movie. It's not bad looking and the talking feature makes it more appealing. Still I do hope these won't be the only toys RGB will get.

Mattel already hinted at this Avatar exclusive set recreating the film's final battle. It's a Movie Masters Jake Sully with a new "angry" head sculpt and Col. Quaritch in the AMP suit with a damaged windshield.

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