Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arkham Asylum Action Figures

DC Direct is releasing a line of figures based on the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. Lately I've been impressed with DC Direct's forward thinking when it comes to what to base figures off of, such as Blackest Night but I think DC Direct was late to the party with these. They should have been out around the same time as the game which wouldn't have been too hard considering the delays the game had. I guess they waited until after the game was a success and now the figures won't be out until January of next year. I hope DC Direct is working on the figures for the sequel now so they can be released in tandem with the game.

The figures themselves are nice. I think Joker and Scarface are the stand outs of the group. This version of the Scarecrow isn't terribly exciting but I guess it was more cost effective than making a Killer Croc or Bane figure. Harley looks good but to me purple feels "wrong" for her. I'd love to see this outfit in her traditional red and black color scheme. Lastly there's Batman, who is blue. There's nothing wrong with a blue Batman. Batman is often blue. But in Arkham Asylum Batman wears black. At least DC Direct has plenty of time to fix it.

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Gabriel said...

Harley Quinn also does not have purple in the game...to what I remember.