Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cancelled Action Figure Cavalcade: Lost

McFarlane Toys produced a line of Lost action figures from 2006 to 2007. The figures represented McFarlane Toys at their most "McFarlaney". They were highly detailed fixed posed figures with minimal articulation. McFarlane even went the extra mile by including voice chips and prop replicas. They was clearly trying to appeal to the broader "pop culture fan" market. I could appreciate the effort but as a traditional action figure collector, McFarlane's Lost line left me cold. I probably wasn't the only one as the line ended after two waves.

McFarlane did announce a third wave on their website. The third wave was never released and AFAIK no pictures were ever shown. It was to include Desmond, Sayid, Caire, and Henry Gale, the persona Ben is using when we first meet him.

That wasn't the end of Lost as action figures however. Last year Bif Bang Pow! picked up the license and showed off some prototypes at Comic-Con. They were figures of Jack and Sawyer with soft goods Dharma Initiative jumpsuits. They may not have surpassed McFarlane in terms of sculpting but I actually liked Bif Bang Pow!'s stuff better. It helps that as Lost progressed it became a more interesting basis for action figures. McFarlane had made action figures of normal people standing around an island. Bif Bang Pow! was making action figures of time travelers infiltrating a scientific research facility.

And yet these figure would be canceled too, or at least that's what appears to have happened. Earlier this year Bif Bang Pow! announced that their figures will now be eight inch costumed figures inspired by the MEGO toys of the 1970s. So far they've shown several of their upcoming figures including a figure McFarlane was working on, Ben Linus as Henry Gale. I've got nothing against MEGO style figures, but I would have preferred those other figures they were considering.

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