Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling Lost

Lost is coming to an end on Sunday. I've been watching the show since it premiered and it goes without saying I'm looking forward to the finale.

There are a lot of questions that will have to be answered. What's special about Desmond? How is he a "failsafe"? What's the meaning of the alternate timeline? How did it come to exist and what purpose will it ultimately serve? Is Jack's alterna-verse son special? As a person who only exists in one timeline, I expect there's something more to him. Who's his mother? I think we'll get an answer to that one.

Are all the characters who have appeared to be recently killed off truly dead? I'm betting Jin is alive. Richard has to be alive. I can't believe his recent run-in with the Smoke Monster killed him. Is Ben plotting something awesome? I imagine he is or else he just took a bunch of stupid pills to ally himself with the Man In Black. What's the Man In Black's name? I don't particularly care about the answer, I just want to know if the writers had a good reason for keeping it from us. And I think the big question is what exactly is the nature of the Island's power? We may not get a more explicit answer beyond what we already know.

There's a lot of details that are more likely to remain a mystery. Whatever became of Rose and Bernard? I'd be okay if we've seen the last of them but Vincent better sweep in and save the day. What exactly did Widmore want with the Island and how did he return there? Was he telling the truth about Jacob appearing to him? I think the writers just sort of shut the door on his story when they suddenly bumped him off. Why does Miles talk to dead people? Why does Hurley see dead people? How did Cindy and the kids become members of the Others? Why was Claire told she couldn't raise Aaron? Was it just because the psychic foresaw what would happen to Claire's mental stability?

What's with the statue? Okay so we pretty much know it was a statue of Taweret, an ancient Egyptian goddess. But who built it and why? And why does it have four toes? I hope if there is an answer for that it's like Jacob's recent explanation for the list of names. By that I mean I hope it's less significant than it appears to be, like they were just too lazy to sculpt the fifth toe. I assume a Taweret statue was built on the Island because of its connection with fertility. Why does the Island have the effect it does on fertility? What is it about the Island's glowy magic that makes it difficult for women to conceive and give birth there?

Will we get any further explanation on Walt? At one point he was being built up as an important character. Malcolm David Kelley, the actor who plays him, was growing too fast so he was shunted off the island and his storyline was left unresolved. Will Walt appear in the series finale? Malcolm is too old to convincingly play Walt in the alternate timeline. They could have him show up on the Island, albeit mystically. That did happen once before though we still don't know how or why. If he does appear I wonder if they would address his powers that were alluded to? They already tried to brush it under the rug in earlier episodes.

I also just want to see the return of more ex-cast members in general. I hope they were able to pull Elizabeth Mitchell away from V long enough for Juliet to show up. In the penultimate episode Desmond says Anna-Lucia and some of the others "aren't ready yet" which is the writers warning us not to expect everyone to come back for the finale. So who is ready? Charlie? Boone? Shannon? Charlotte? Micheal? After Walt and Juliet the character I'd most like to see again is Mr. Eko, although I'm doubtful it'll happen. I think Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is the only major cast memeber not to re-appear on the show after leaving it.

Who were the people chasing the time travelers on the outriggers? In season five when the survivors left on the island are flashing through time they are find themselves being chased and shot at while sailing on the outriggers. Juliet fires back and hits someone. Who were those people? Unfortunately it's already been stated that there won't be a clear answer for this. I hope after the series finale airs the writers explain what they were originally planning.

That's the problem trying to tell a story as complex as Lost, especially on television. There are too many factors that have to line up for things to go exactly as planned. The show won't be wrapped up in a neat little package. It doesn't really matter because the show was always more of a character study than a mystery. Lost is about how a group of different people survive in increasingly perplexing situations. It's just that the perplexity of those situations started to overshadow everything else.

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So did the finale explain all of this?