Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Doctor Who Figures

The first wave of action figures based on the new series of Doctor Who was revealed today. The assortment includes the Eleventh Doctor of course and his companion Amy Pond. Both are awesome. Had this wave featured nothing but Daleks besides those two I probably would have liked it even more. I understand that they wouldn't want to release all of the new Daleks at once. We'll have to settle for the red one for now, and at least the cool looking Ironside Dalek is included. The cronies from The Beast Below are a little dull, crazy clown faces or no. The regenerating Weeping Angel is an obvious choice that I somehow didn't see coming. Click here to see the entire wave.

1 comment:

Gabriel said...

It seems a bit weird for them to be expressionless. Most toys are though. Well anyways I'd get the Daleks if I could. The Weeping Angel seems out of proportion in a way.