Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Whiplash Whopper

Burger King is another place with an Iron Man 2 tie-in going on. They're offering the requisite kid's meal toys, but they also have a new food product called the Whiplash Whopper. I'm not sure if hitching your wagon to Mickey Rourke is the best way to sell food items. I shouldn't be too quick to judge though as they got me to try one. You can buy it as a double or triple Whopper but I went with the single. Here's my review.

There's nothing fancy about the packaging. It's just a regular Whopper wrapper. I'm assuming the "W" written on it is to denote it as a Whiplash Whopper.

Once you open it up, you'll see the burger doesn't look that much different from a standard Whopper with the same familiar sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato, and what Burger King refers to as a flame-broiled beef patty. It doesn't look quite as nice as it does in the poster but no fast food item ever does.

So what makes the Whiplash Whopper unique? The cheese used is Pepper Jack and the mayo is supposedly spicy. What stands out the most is the inclusion of crispy red peppers. I tried to take a picture of the ingredients but obviously I didn't do too good of a job. Sorry, I'm still new to this.

So how is it? I liked it quite a bit. It's essentially your typical Whopper, only spicier. However the crispy red peppers is what puts it over the top, giving it an crunchy texture unusual for a burger. I only wish the red peppers had been distributed evenly on my Whopper. The peppers were mostly located towards the center which led to one particularly zesty bite. So if the idea of a spicy, crunchy Whopper sounds at all appealing to you, than I think you'd probably like the Whiplash Whopper.

I do have to fault them on the name though. I may have liked the burger but eating one didn't give me any urge to break out of prison and attack Tony Stark. That's some false advertising.

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