Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to the Bluture

Universal has announced the Back to the Future trilogy will be released on Blu-ray in a 25th Anniversary boxset. That's news so good it warrants a blog post with an incredibly lame title.

Back to the Future was one of the choices in a recent Facebook poll Universal held to select an upcoming Blu-ray release, however it lost to the The Breakfast Club Considering both Back to the Future and another nominee Psycho have been solicited before John Hughes' teenage angst masterpiece, it's clear the poll was just a marketing gimmick. It's likely all or at least most of those movies will be released eventually.

The Blu-ray set will include a ton of extras. Some of which are the video from Back to the Future: The Ride and a six part documentary. There will be rare footage of Eric Stolz as Marty McFly before the role was recast, as well as a storyboard version of the original proposed ending at a nuclear test site. The best part? The set will be released on October 26th. That's brilliant. We're gonna see some serious shit on that day.

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