Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poetic Licensing

Licensing Expo 2010 wrapped up a few days ago. Just like last year we got looks at teaser images of several upcoming films. These are probably the final logos for Thor and Captain America. The ones seen at last year's Expo were essentially the same as the classic comic logos. The new Thor logo looks generic but the Captain America one is nice. Both incorporate the Marvel Studios name.

Warner Bros. revealed this image for Green Lantern. The tagline refers to potential licensing partners. Not anyone can be chosen to wield a Green Lantern ring. You need to have a massive amount of willpower, assuming the movie sticks to the mythology.

I find Licensing Expo interesting because we get to see studios try to market movies still early in development. The third Transformers movie doesn't have a title, so the poster just says TF3 and shows nothing but Optimus standina around. Supposedly they've made design changes to Prime's CG mode but he looks like the same old Optimus to me.

Sony showed off logos for movies they'll be releasing in 2012, Spider-Man in 3D and Men III Black in 3D. Those aren't the final titles. At least I would hope not. Sorry for the small resolution of the Spider-Man logo. It was the only one I could find. Sony showed off a brief teaser of Men in Black III in 3D at Licensing Expo. You can watch it online but it won't be in 3D. It's just blurry.

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