Friday, June 4, 2010

Superhero Fashion

This week early concept for Thor and Captain America's costumes in their respective movies leaked online. Here's some thoughts. Keep in mind none of these are final but it does give us a reasonable idea of what their outfits will be like.

Captain America's movie look resembles the Ultimate version more than his classic costume. I'm disappointed by this. I think Cap's classic costume with its chainmail pattern would have looked great in live action. Plus while Captain America was a soldier, he was also a figurehead and a tool of propaganda. Trying to tone down the costume is sort of missing the point. Cap looks weird to me without the wings on his helmet. I don't know why they dropped them if they're going to keep the "A" on his forehead or the stars on his shoulders. The wings aren't significantly more farfetched by comparison. The suspenders acting as the red stripes for the flag design on Cap's abdomen is a consummate example of a movie adaptation trying to emulate the source material as close as possible without simply being accurate to it. That said if there's one change I could make I would lose the black trim on his upper body. I feel the black is there just because of the unwritten rule that superheroes in movies wear black. Which of course leads me to...

Thor's movie look is heavily influenced by his current appearance in the comics as created by Oliver Copiel. I'm just referring to the costume as they obviously can't make Chris Hemsworth as tall and stocky as Copiel draws Thor. I like Copiel's design but the movie costume has a quality to it that doesn't match the artwork. I think it's all the black used. It looks like so many other movie superhero costumes. Fortunately it's already been stated this mock-up isn't a completely accurate depiction of his on-screen look. I sort of suspected this as the photograph that was released earlier looks better than these images. I'm really hoping Thor has a helmet in the movie. He doesn't have one in these renderings or the teaser photo. That in of itself isn't an indicator of whether or not Thor wears a helmet in the movie, but it is triggering warning signs. And the helmet better have wings on it. You already know how I feel about winged helmets.

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David Scholes said...

The Thor concept art is a little disappointing. Not as close to the current Marvel Thor comic as the earlier "teaser" partial shot of Chris Hemsworth suggested.

Cap looks okay.

I can hardly wait to see the Thor movie.

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