Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When A Problem Comes Along

I'm going to post some Iron Man 2 spoilers so if you've yet to see the movie I don't recommend reading ahead.

Leading up to the release of Iron Man 2 people were (or at least I was) speculating if Whiplash would receive an upgrade to his armament. Part of this stemmed from some dissatisfaction with his "frayed jumpsuit" look that was seen in the trailers and promotional materials. Well the good news was that Whiplash does indeed don a full suit of armor and it looks awesome. Ultimately the film's Whiplash has more in common with the Crimson Dynamo than he does his namesake from the comic books. He's Crimson Dynamo with electric whips.

So it was nice to be surprised by a big summer movie. Granted most of the time I have no one to blame but myself for being exposed to spoilers. The downside of keeping Whiplash's armor a secret is that it's completely absent from the merchandise. I really love the design and I hope an action figure based on it is coming down the pike. Hopefully Hasbro will announce one at Comic-Con.

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Gabriel said...

Yeah, actually I told you how it spoiled it for me before I saw the movie. I think you were there with me. On TV was a promo for Iron Man 2 which spoiled Whiplash's armor for me. And I realized why would they do this so little after the movie?