Friday, July 23, 2010

Comic Con 2010 -Friday

  • The anime TV series based on Marvel superheroes announced last year will be airing in the U.S. on G4 in 2011. The first series to air will be Iron Man, followed by Wolverine, X-Men and Blade. They will air on G4 in Japanese with English subtitles. That's completely nuts, but in a good way.

  • At their panel Bandai Entertainment announced their acquisition of two anime series: Tales of the Abyss and Turn A Gundam. Turn A Gundam premiered in Japan in 1999 and the only reason I haven't been waiting that long for it to be brought over to the U.S. is that I wasn't a Gundam fan until 2000. By this point I had put out any possibility of it being licensed out of my mind. Now that we know it's coming I just hope it doesn't take forever for Bandai to actually release it. Bandai's current release date for too many titles is "eventually" Okay Bandai, you've impressed me. Now announce ZZ Gundam already.

  • I'm impressed with the preview for Young Justice. It's not a rehash of the Teen Titans toon where we had a Robin without a Batman. We get to see the Justice League and even some young heroes beyond the core team. I also like the character designs. They look similar to those for the Crisis on Two Earths DTV feature.

  • You might have heard a hate group was protesting outside the Comic-Con. It doesn't matter what reason they give for their protest as it's all just an attempt to get attention and provoke people into litigation. Well a group of con-goers got together to hold a counter protest with hilarous results. The protesters were fools to try to bring their vile messge to Comic-Con. After surviving high school, geeks are pretty much unphaseable.

  • Marvel has a lot of cool stuff on display for the Thor movie. For one they have the helmets of Loki, Odin and Thor. This is nice since it finally confirms that Thor will even have a helmet in the movie. All three of the helmets look great. I can rest easy now. Marvel also has Odin's throne at the Con which led to this awesome awesome photo being taken.

  • I love the thought put into the voice casting for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Each version of Spider-Man in the game will be played by a different actor from a Spider-Man cartoon. Josh Keaton from The Spectacular Spider-Man will voice Ultimate Spider-Man. Christopher Daniel Barnes from the '90s Fox Kids toon will voice Spider-Man Noir. Neil Patrick Harris who voiced Spidey in the CG MTV toon will play the classic 616 Spider-Man. And Dan Gilvezan from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends will voice Spider-Man 2099.


Gabriel said...

I'm sorry to say this, but I can no longer see your pictures of the Con floor anymore. I must be surprised on my own now.

Gabriel said...

I couldn't resist Odin Stan Lee though. Is that his cameo in the movie?

Anthony said...

No that's just him chillin' at the Con, surveying all that he rules.

angelica said...

lovin' the stan lee pic