Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic Con 2010 -Saturday

So much greatness in one pic. And Mark Ruffalo.

  • So as you can see in the photo posted above, the cast for The Avengers has been made official. Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man. That guy is that SHIELD agent. Scatlet Johansson is Black Widow. Chris Hemsworth is Thor. Chris Evans is Captain America. Samuel L. Jackson is Nick Fury. Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye. Mark Ruffalo is the Hulk. Joss Whedon is directing and Kevin Feige is the producer who replaced Edward Norton with Ruffalo. I'm happy with everything but that last bit. The official website is up though it currently features nothing but the logo.

  • Thor and Captain America had their individual presentations as well. Teasers for both were shown, though the Captain America one was rather brief as filming has only just begun. There was a glimpse of Evans in costume but apparently it was only a test shot. The coolest bit of news to come out is that Hugo Weaving is basically doing a Werner Herzog impersonation when he plays Red Skull. If you're not familiar with the German director's distinct voice, go watch Herzog's Grizzly Man.

  • Marvel wasn't the only company pimping their heroes on Saturday. Earlier in the day the Green Lantern panel was held. The image of the costume that appeared on Entertainment Weekly was an unfinished concept but the director confirms it is sort of a second skin. Parallax is in the movie. Assuming it doesn't possess Hal or anyone else, does that mean it will appear as an alien insect made of yellow light? A teaser was shown that depicted the planet of Oa and many alien Green Lanterns.

  • Still more Thor props have appeared in the exhibit hall. Today the wall behind Odin's throne opened up to reveal something sweet. I won't give waway what it is but its existence was leaked earlier during the movie's production. I guess this is confirmation that it will be in the film.

  • There was a stabbing at the con. Seriously. It happened in Hall H, where all these major film studio panels take place. It happened between the panels for Resident Evil Afterlife and Cowboys & Aliens as people were leaving and entering. There was a dispute over a seat and one fan stabbed another around the eye. Paramedics took the injured person to the hospital. The attacker was held by fellow fans, as any geek worth their salt knows you can't let a criminal walk away or else they'll murder your Uncle Ben. The police took the attacker away. With his propensity for assaulting people's eyes with a writing device one might expect him to be dressed as Ledger's Joker. In reality he was wearing a Harry Potter shirt, which just makes so much more sense.

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angelica said...

looks like that guy took the saying "the pen is mightier than the sword" a tad too literally