Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The New Spider-Man Hates Nermal

So while I was off having adventures at Anime Expo I missed out on some pretty big news. Sony finally cast the lead role for their upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Andrew Garfield is the actor who will be playing the beloved webslinger. Garfield is something of an unexpected choice. He was on the list of actors Sony was considering. However rumors strongly suggested that Josh Hutcherson would be the one most likely to get it. Maybe the rumors were based on nothing or maybe talks fell through with Hutcherson but ultimately he wasn't cast.

Other actors Garfield beat out for the role include Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Terminator Salvation), Jamie Bell (King Kong, Tin-Tin), Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson). You couldn't call any of those guys A-listers but they've had higher profile work than Andrew Garfield. Even Frank Dillane, who played young Voldermort in the last Harry Potter movie is likely more well known than Garfield.

I'm not saying Garfield's lack of notoriety is a bad thing. More often than not casting an unknown is a smarter move. Unknowns bring with them less undeserved expectations. So what has Garfield done? A two part episode of Doctor Who for one. When I learned this I immediately remembered him but he didn't particularly stand out to me. With such an important role in the balance, I assume Garfield impressed enough decision makers who hopefully know what they're doing.

My concern since the reboot was announced was that Sony would cast some pretty boy young actor as nerdy Peter Parker. Well no offense to Mr. Garfield but it seems my fears were unfounded. I'm still not sure I see the guy as Peter Parker though. He's lanky and I guess that makes sense for Spider-Man. The characters has been drawn by so many different artists in different ways that you can't really say the character has a definitive look.

Andrew Garfield seems to have reddish hair which would give me some pause, but seeing as how in the past Sony cast a blonde as Mary Jane and a redhead as Gwen Stacy so it isn't a big deal with that perspective.

The odd thing about Garfield being cast is his age. The point of the reboot is that we would be getting a teenage Spider-Man. Some of the actors being considered reflected that. Garfield is 27, the same age Tobey Maguire was when he did the first Spider-Man and the new film doesn't out come for another two years. I know in Hollywood they feel actors can play any character within fifteen years of their actual age. It does feel like we've already lost one small piece of what would have made the new movie feel different from what's come before. Sure Peter Parker will still be a high schooler. He just won't be an actual high schooler.

So I guess if I had to give an opinion on Garfield's casting, it would be "Not bad". And I guess "It could have been worse". I don't have any evidence he'll do a bad job and I have nothing against him. I'm still not entirely sold on the concept of the movie itself. Of course I have a lot of time ahead to get used to it.


Gabriel said...

Just like how you can't watch Toy Story 3, I can't really watch the new Spider-Man.

Jonathan said...

But he loves lasana.

Gabriel said...

I see what you did there.