Tuesday, August 24, 2010

D-Arts Digivolve and Robattle

D-Arts are a spinoff of Bandai's popular S.H. Figuarts articulated action figure line. The name stands for Digital Arts although I'm not exactly sure what the unifying theme is supposed to be. Near as I can tell it's main direction seems to be appealing directly to me.

The first three figures in the line are from Digimon. Digimon is back in the spotlight with the new series Xros War but these D-Arts figures hail from the first TV series Digimon Adventure and it's respective movie. The figures are WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, and their combined form Omegamon, referred to as Omnimon in the English dub.

WarGreymon is already up for pre-order and costs 3465 Yen, which is a little over forty dollars. That doesn't take into account international shipping. It's the price that's holding me back from ordering them. Otherwise these action figures are right up my alley. Still I'll be paying close attention to the line. There are a few characters I can think of a which would fall into "money is of no object" territory.

However D-Arts isn't just a Digimon focused line. The next figure in the works is Metabee from Metarot, known over here as Medabots. There's a new Nineteno DS game in the works so Medabots is also going though something of a revival. I can't believe we're getting high end Medabots toys. I'm still kicking myself for never picking up any of the old Hasbro toys. It's a great time to be a fan of early Millennium anime that aired on Fox Kids.

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