Saturday, August 28, 2010

Metabee in the Works

Following up on the previous post, here's a picture of the unpainted prototype for D-Arts Metabee. It's looking pretty good. If and when Bandai announces more D-Arts of Medabots it would be cool if their armor and weapons featured some level of interchangeability.

In addition to the D-Arts figure, Bandai is also releasing a plastic model kit of Omegamon. I was wondering why they redesigned him, but apparently this is Omegamon X from Digital Monster X Evolution a CGI TV movie that aired in Japan, but not in North America. I think it's cool but I'm not as interested in model kits as I am in action figures. With Digimon becoming more notable in Japan, it makes me wonder how close we are to Xros Wars being licensed and translated.

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