Thursday, September 16, 2010

And More Halloween Stuff

The other day I went to a different Target that had their Halloween display completely up and running. It was a pretty neat sight, but I also think it's not as cool as in recent years. It's sad but little things like plush mummies keep me happy.

Combining Hello Kitty, mini-playsets, and Halloween is something I fully endorse.

Scoff if you must but is this any more out there than the odd variety of burgers Carls' Jr. sells? (And that I sheepishly eat.)

Eyeballs are more than just a condiment. You can get them by the jar full.

The original concept of Mr. Potato Head only included the facial features. You had to attach them to a real potato, not provided. Eventually people decided they didn't want their kids playing with a vegetable. But playing with vegetables is a Halloween tradition so they brought back the original concept and applied it to pumpkins. We're setting the bar for making Jack O'Lanterns lower and lower. Granted this still takes more effort than buying a plastic Jack O'Lanterns. I'm not complaining, just making an observation. I admit carving a real pumpkins is pretty gross.

There were other types of "pumpkin adornments" based on licensed characters. There was Elmo, Cookie Monster and naturally I gravitated more toward Spider-Man.

There are two different types of "limited edition" Pop Tarts out right now. I guess Choc-O-Lantern is relying on the Halloween season to sell, because it doesn't seem all that original. Frosted Pumpkin Pie could be good too but I'm not willing to find out first hand how pumpkin pie translates to Pop Tart form.

I have no idea if the paper towels themselves have any Halloween inspired patterns but the shrinkwrap has some nice designs. That has to count for something.

I also stopped by a Barnes and Noble the same day. They had a pretty cool table of horror themed books. True ghost stories, vampires, zombies, what have you.

The Barnes and Noble also had an impressive collection of Goosebumps. I was a huge Goosebumps fan back when everyone was a Goosebumps fan. I prefer the artwork of the original covers but I like that they dropped the borders. It puts more focus on the art. I also can't blame them for dropping the numbering system. I don't think there's enough kids these days who care about Goosebumps to try to collect them all.

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Gabriel said...

I'll bring in the pumpkin pie pop tarts when I see you again. I haven't gotten them, but I'll look for them so that I could be the taste tester if you don't feel like trying it yourself.